Branding Development

Innovation Activators offers a full branding suite from brand vision and logo conception straight through to branded consumer materials or ads. See below for examples of projects we’ve worked on where we have helped to bring brands to life!

Logo Design and Visuals for Apps

IA can provide you with the right communication messaging or visuals to bring your app to market, especially if you need a logo, branded template or video design asap! We’ve worked on two app projects to date: ate68 food delivery and Perfecting SEA Math.

We worked with the creators of the ate68 food delivery application (coming soon!) to create an engaging logo for the Trinidad and Tobago market with a two week turn-around. The design phase included 3 initial concepts, 8 additional options based on the concept chosen. Competitive analysis and additional app visuals were also included!

We worked with the creator of the Perfecting SEA Math application to create an engaging logo for the 10 – 12 age group with a one week turn-around. The design phase included 4 initial concepts, 9 additional options based on the concept chosen, and then 3 final options for final colour/font choices.

Internal Brand Guidelines

A key element of branding that is sometimes overlooked, is the internal brand guidelines that ensure employees consistently deliver to your brand’s identity and how it comes to life in both your day-to-day administration and on documentation going to external stakeholders.

For one law firm, IA was tasked with putting together a Core Brand Elements Style Guide which included guidelines on logo usage, colour usage, typography usage, letterhead templates, presentation templates, email signatures and the general do’s and don’ts of how the brand and logo should be rendered visually.

Need help creating brand guidelines or visuals? Contact us at for more information.