Online Presence

The alternate reality of the online world has overtaken the physical world in terms of a consumer’s time spent. If you were the CEO of your own company, you probably wouldn’t go to a client meeting unprepared, forgetting your business cards, product prototype or main presentation. Beyond being unprofessional, the main message you would be sending about your brand’s image is sloppiness, the opposite of insta-worthy.

Depending on your line of business, a lackluster Instagram profile triggers the same image in a consumer’s mind as being unprepared for a meeting. The days of throwing up a Facebook page just to be able to provide quick contact information are long gone. Your online brand image is equally if not more important than your physical footprint.

IA approaches building or promoting your online presence by first understanding your brand’s personality, voice and core mission. Jumping on trends in website design or social media profile strategy are quickly seen as cookie-cutter applications that don’t truly put the user’s experience at the core of your design or message.

We’ve worked with brands big and small to deliver engaging and authentic user experiences. See below for an example of our recent work.

Caribbean Baby Website Re-Design

Redesigning a website is one of our favourite types of projects. You are sitting on rich insights of the past consumer behaviour on your site and have an existing product to gain valuable feedback on in terms of user experience. Despite what competitors are doing or what best practices dictate, you can never fully predict what your target audience is looking for.

The redesign approach included a full user interface study interviewing members of 5 different target segments and the results led to a new and improved website that was more user friendly and ultimately saw more sales conversions. From navigation to messaging to checkout process, every step was optimized to meet the needs of the specific target audience.

Check out the new website at