D’Cabin Fried Chicken Project

Innovation Activators partnered with D’Cabin Fried Chicken to deliver a seamless, synchronized do-it-yourself ordering system designed for the food and beverage industry. With minimal up-front costs, we applied an empowering and scalable platform that enables real-time integration of mobile devices with a secure analysis dashboard, keeping ordering, sales and inventory data timely and always at your fingertips.

We started with simple tablet, receipt printer and cellphone integration to facilitate ease of order processing and inventory tracking for D’Cabin Fried Chicken food truck at Cross-Crossing, San Fernando. As the food truck expanded to a fixed retail location on Cipero Street, we also implemented the same system to help manage a bigger kitchen.

See below for more features offered with the Integrated Point of Sale (IPOS) system.


  • Plug and Play: IA provides setup and training, average of 3 hours
  • Low Investment: Use your own mobile devices or have IA procure cost-effective hardware. No servers required, internet is optional.
  • Great Support: IA tech support is available 24/7. Our team is eager to help you anytime.
  • Fail-safe performance: Patent-pending technology  keeps you operational at all times.
  • Secure data means only you have access to it.
  • Centralized data means you can manage from outside the establishment. Data is automatically uploaded to Cloud storage whether online or offline


  • Maximize productivity:
    • Timely auto- generated reporting analytics at your finger tips without needing an accountant
    • Staff performance tracking to quickly identify where more training or promotions may be needed
    • Menu optimization based on current consumer orders
    • Reduce human error: No more pen and paper orders and reduce theft through transaction tracking
    • Scale as your business grows: Group multiple employees or locations on one shared platform for cohesive reporting
  • Minimize costs:
    • Time is money, less time spent on collecting information manually for short term improvement means you can focus on long term goals
    • Reduce wastage through improved inventory management
    • Increase customer satisfaction: Faster more reliable service means lower customer attrition. The cost of acquiring new customers is 10 times the cost of keeping existing ones.

Interested in setting up your own Android POS systems? Contact us at enable@activators.tech